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Amazon Seller asked 4 weeks ago

Hi Garlic press seller,
I had inspections on my product after manufacturing was completed and was about to ship it out.
Some issues were found which the factory said they would address before shipping.
However, not all were addressed and I’ve received returns as a result. The returns are under 5% of my entire inventory.
Please are you able to recommend FBA inspection companies, which one do you use and do you stick to one inspection and at what point do you carry them out?


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Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 4 weeks ago

Hi mate,

I do inspection with every order. It is also very important to make this clear with the supplier and what the maximum defect rate is. Also what will happen if the defect rate is over the agreed maximum.

The inspection company is used Qima (formerly Asia Inspection).

I also have a longer post about this Amazon FBA Inspection process here.

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