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Andrew asked 1 week ago

Do you believe A/B testing is a good way to optimize your listing? What sort of software do you use? I have looked into Splitly, but I am weary to try it as they have a rather convincing affiliate plan that to me seems like it would skew some influential Amazon gurus to recommend it.

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Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 1 week ago

Hi mate,

Yes I have tried splitly. My opinions is that you need a lot of traffic & sales before you get clear results. For example, I have a product that I just launched that I wish to split test ( not sure which main image is the best ). However, I am not going to use Splitly (yet) as it is only getting 1-2 sales per day. For my experience this is not enough data to make a decision. Once the product gets a steady + 5 sales a day I will think about split testing.

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