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Alvaro asked 4 months ago

Hello again
I don’t know why I can’t keep the conversation on the last question so I ask another one here
So as I said before… I want to enter Amazon selling my bedsheets.
After searching bedsheets here is what Helium 10 shows:
AVG BSR: 45.097
AVG. PRICE 26.30
I see that the top dog is Amazon Basics (Sponsored) at 20k a month while the top 10 make 4k a month

What do you think about this?
Also, to the real question.
My bedsheets have 3 sizes and 22 colors…
Would you make 1 listing with everything in it?
1 Listing for size and all colors on all listings? 
So 3 listings or 1 listing?
Last thing… I tried to register so I can keep the convo going but is not letting me

1 Answers
Garlic Press Seller Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi mate,

I would definitely sell all your size & color variations under 1 listing. This will make it easier for the customer. About the market I can’t really say much just based on those stats. If Amazon basic is in the market it is always scary, but seems like other sellers are still doing fine with 4k a month. So yeah, especially if you already have all the stock and the risk is very low for you to try I think it would be worth a try.

I will look into the problem with the registration. Thanks for letting me know!


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