My Secret Amazon FBA Hacks & Tricks

Time to bust out the juicy secrets! Today I will share with you the tricks I use myself when doing product research! Let’s get started!

1). Let Amazon work for you!

So instead of spending hours on product research tools & browsing the FBA Catalog. I would just let Amazon tell me what the customers are looking for.

And with this, I mean:

Use the auto-complete feature they have when typing in the search bar!

Amazon FBA Hacks

When you search for a broad keyword, Amazon will automatically add a bunch of sub keywords. In our example: Garlic Press. It will add potentially great sub-products like:

  • Garlic Press & Slicer
  • Garlic Press Crusher.

We would then pick a couple of these sub-keywords and run them through Helium 10 to validate if they are actually good!


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2). Listen to the Customers

Did you know that customers will tell you exactly what they are looking for, even if you are not selling on Amazon yet! For this example, we will check out the customer reviews for a baby sippy cup.

Amazon will actually summarize all the reviews and will also tell you what customers are missing in a product!

amazon hacks

In this example, we can see that this product has some leakage problems and is also not the easiest to assemble.

These could be great points we can use as our own Unique Selling Points! Since our competitors are lacking here, and it is obviously what our customers want!

Before doing this, I would run these keywords through the Helium 10 Keyword Analyzer to make sure there is enough search volume for these keywords.

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