Jungle Scout Web App or Chrome Extension?

I get this question asked quite a lot from people who are just starting out:

Would you recommend the Jungle Scout Web App or Chrome Extension?

jungle scout chrome extension vs web app

To answer this question I will explain the purpose of each tool:

Purpose Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

I use the Chrome Extension to check if there is demand for product idea I have. When browsing on Amazon I can quickly pull up the extension and it will show me the estimated product sales.

Right away I can see that the top garlic press sellers are making around $70k per month in revenue.

I can also pull up this report with all my competitor products to check what his best selling products are. As you can imagine this information is very valuable, so IMO the Chrome Extension should be in every serious seller’s arsenal.

Purpose Jungle Scout Web App

In the previous example, I already had a product in mind I was planning on selling. Now if I don’t have a clue about what product I want to sell, I will use the Web App.

In the Jungle Scout Web App I can enter all the criteria I am looking for in a potential product, and it will search in their database. Here you will see an example where I searched for products with the following filters:

  • Minimum price: $15
  • Minimum net payout: $10
  • Maximum reviews: 50
  • Max star rating: 4
  • Maximum listing quality score: 60

Based on these filters it found this product that I could sell on Amazon:

Jungle Scout Web App

Jungle Scout Web App vs Chrome Extension

Chrome ExtensionWeb App
PurposeProduct ValidationProduct Brainstorming
PricingOne-time feeMonthly fee
Cost$99 (Lite) - $199 (Pro)$25 - $50

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Discount

If you are planning to get the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension you can use the link below to get $20 discount on both the Lite & Pro plan!

Click here for $20 Discount Coupon Code on the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

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  1. Hi,
    Huge fan of your posts on reddit and your daily posts on your own subreddit. So thank you for all your effort.
    I am doing product research for my first product and have been struggling a little with opportunity score.

    So for product research whether it’s a first product or a fifth, would you take opportunity score in to consideration?
    If yes, why and if no, why?

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      I actually don’t really look at the opportunity score you seen in Jungle Scout. I rather look at the product requirements ( that I have explained here ) myself. The opportunity score is only based on the factors Jungle Scout can see. Sales, reviews, numbers of images etc. However, if you take a close look yourself you can determine much better if a niche has a lot of competition or not.

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