Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch – My Review as an Amazon Selle

It is time to compare to of the biggest Amazon FBA tools out there right now!

Viral Launch vs Jungle Scout!


Jungle Scout

Viral Launch

PriceStarting at $39 p/mStarting at $48 p/m
Free Trial?Yes, try 14-days for free!Yes, free trial available!
DiscountYes, 30% discountYes, 40% discount


Chrome ExtensionYesYes
Product DatabaseYesYes
Keyword ToolYesYes
Ranking TrackerYesYes
Sales dashboardYes
Inventory ToolYes
E-mail follow upYes
Listing BuilderYesYes
PPC ToolYes
All featuresAll features

Both of these tools are all-in-one tools. Meaning they offer pretty much every function you would need as an Amazon FBA seller. In this comparison post I will cover all the aspects of being an Amazon seller, how each tool can help you with it, and which tool I think is the best for this purpose.

So let’s get into it!

1). Product Research

The most important thing is to find the right product! I always emphasize how important this step is and I like to spend about 1-2 months doing my product research. In my opinion, For this step you absolutely need a piece of software to help you with getting sales estimates!

Chrome Extension

Both Jungle Scout & Viral Launch have a Chrome Extension.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

You can open this chrome extension on any Amazon page and the tools will give you a sales estimate for the products showing on page!

I think it is absolutely essential to know if a niche is selling a lot of product or not. For example, in the screenshot above you can see that most products are doing between $1k – $4k revenue per month. With even 1 product doing $7k revenue per month.

So luckily both Viral Launch & Jungle Scout offer this function. But like I said, these are sales estimates. They will not be 100% accurate. So I did a little test with my own product to find out how accurate these chrome extensions are:


Actual sales: 405
Jungle Scout estimate: 385
Viral Launch estimate: 437
Jungle Scout Accuracy: 95%
Viral Launch Accuracy: 92%

As you can see in my results above: The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is more accurate.

2). Product Launch!

IMO the most important things you can do to launch your product is:

Setup a follow up e-mail & run aggressive PPC campaigns. I have a more detailed guide about Amazon product launches here.

Follow up e-mails

Follow up e-mails are those e-mail customers receive after each purchase. Here you are checking in how they like the product and if they can please leave a review. Having a follow up email will greatly increase your review rate!

Jungle Scout offers this follow up e-mail function. You can customize loads of stuff, such as:

  • How many e-mails to send
  • When to send e-mails ( X days after product is delivered for example )
  • For which products you want to send e-mails
  • Customize the emails yourself.
    Full list of features

jungle scout follow up email

Viral Launch does not offer this feature.


PPC stands for Pay Per Click and is the type of advertising you can do on Amazon for your products. When you are launching your products, it will be very hard for customers to find them. Because they will be ranking very low. In order to bring your products to the attention of customers you can use PPC campaigns to show them on the first page for your keyword.

Viral Launch has a great PPC tool that can help you with this process. And even automate some of these tasks!

Jungle Scout does not offer this function.

3). Everyday business stuff

So once we have successfully launched our product we will still need to maintain our position. These are tasks that I do everyday and I absolutely need a tool for this. There would not be enough hours in the day if I have to do this manually for each product I sell.

Check my sales & profit

Amazon has a very minimal business report section where you can see your sales. However, because it not possible to enter your cost here, you can’t check your actual profit.

Jungle Scout offers this function in their sales analytics.

Jungle Scout Sales Analytics

Viral Launch does not offer this function.

Check if my product is still ranking

I want my products to be ranked on page 1 at all times. If this is not the case, then I will need to put more work into that product and for example, spend more on PPC. Therefore I want to know at all times, where my product is ranking.

Luckily both Jungle Scout & Viral Launch offer a product keyword tracker!

Inventory check

I also want to know when I will need to re-order my products. If you only have a handful of products this is pretty easy to do manually. However, once you start selling +20 products you would want to automate this task.

Viral Launch offers a Inventory tool to automate this task.


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  1. I’m wondering if your Feature chart has the labels swapped as it says “Yes” to Jungle Scout having a PPC tool while you state in the paragraph that Viral Launch is actually the one with a great PPC tool. Same thing with follow up e-mail, the features chart says “Yes” under Viral Launch, while it appears that Jungle Scout actually has the e-mail follow up tool. Also, which one do you prefer of the two?

    1. Oops, yes those 2 were mixed up. Fixed em now. Thanks!
      I prefer Jungle scout myself as that is what I mainly use.

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