Jungle Scout Discount & Review [2020 Update]

I have been using Jungle Scout for 4 years now, and use it extensively in my product research. Therefore I feel like I am qualified to write an honest review about this piece of software from a real users perspective. I also know some of the downsides of the tool, which I will cover here as well.

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Purpose of Jungle Scout 

Before we continue this review I feel like it is important to let you know how I use Jungle Scout and what I want out of a tool like this. When doing my product research, and come across a product idea on Amazon, I want to have all required data to determine if this is a suitable product in 1 overview.

So right away, I want to see:

  • How many sales are the top sellers making?
  • How many reviews do they have & how is their rating?
  • Are their listings optimised?
  • How much fee is Amazon taking?
  • Is the market seasonal / trendy?

Based on this info I will be able to make a decision if I want to do further research on this product, or move on to the next one. I usually only spend around a couple minutes on this moment, so I can check as many products as possible. Therefore it is extremely important for me to have a tool that can give me all this info right away.

I cover more of this in my product research guide here.

JungleScout Pro vs Lite

The JungleScout comes in 2 versions: Pro & Lite. The Lite version is pretty basic but will cover the most important feature: estimating sales.
Other than that the Lite version doesn’t really do much more. These are the extra features that come with the Pro version:

  • FBA Fee estimator
  • Opportunity Score
  • Historical Monthly Sales
  • Sales Item profit calculator
  • Dimension & weight of item

Since I am running JS Pro I will continue this review with the Pro version.

Jungle Scout Features

So this is how Jungle Scout looks: This screen will pop-up when you click on the Chrome extension when you are on an Amazon page. Below I will cover the features I think are the most important.

  1. [PRO] Opportunity score: This is JS pretty much doing my job lol. It will straight away tell me if it is a good or bad product with high/low demand & competition. However, I still like to double check this myself with the following steps:
  2. Sales & Revenue: For me the most important info. Right away I can see how many sales & revenue the first page is doing.
  3. Review & Rating: After determining that the niche has enough volume I glance over the amount of reviews & ratings they have.
  4. [PRO] Fee’s & net pay-out: Now that we have established it is a high volume, low competition product, we want to check the profitability. Beforehand I do a price check on Alibaba and know the production cost. So after a quick look at the fee’s & net pay-out I can check if I can sell the product with a decent profit or not.
  5. [PRO] Historical Monthly Sales: I also want to know if it is a trendy / seasonal product. By clicking on the sales numbers. This will pop-up another windows that shows the Historical Monthly Sales.

As you can see I have highlighted which of these features are in the Pro Version only. Honestly I don’t think everybody needs the Pro version. Many of the Pro features you can do manually as well. For example you can do step 4 by entering the ASIN in Amazon’s FBA Calculator. And step 5 by entering the ASIN at CamelCamelCamel.com. This will give your roughly the same info you need. However, you can image how much extra time this will take per product. Personally I like to check as many potential products, in the shortest timeframe. So for me the Pro version is an excellent fit. This way I can cover all 5 steps with 1 program, and have all information I need in 1 clear overview. However, if you are just starting out the Lite version will still give you most important feature you need: estimating sales.

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Accuracy of Sales Estimator

IMO the sales estimator is the core feature of Jungle Scout. I use this all the time to get an estimate if a potential product is selling or not. So the accuracy of this estimator is extremely important. I always felt this software is pretty accurate, but never really put it to the test. For this review I will take the sales number for some of my own products and compare them to the sales estimator from JungleScout.

 Actual SalesJungle Scout EstimateJungle Scout Accuracy
Product 1 (High Demand)48346997%
Product 2 (Medium Demand)22120894%
Product 3 (Low Demand)13512190%

What we conclude from this little test is that Jungle Scout is very accurate on high & medium volume products: 97% – 94% accuracy. However, on low volume products it seems to undervalue the estimated sales by a bit more and has a 90% accuracy. This is probably because this low volume product only have 3 sales per day on average. So some days 0 sales and some days 7 sales, which is very hard to estimate.


Need Help with Product Research?

Amazon FBA Product Research Tutorial

I have a Beginner Product Research Tutorial here.  This tutorial will show you the basic checklist of what to look for when picking the right niche!

I also have an Advanced Tutorial in the form of an E-Book.  Here I will show you 3 unique product research methods I use myself when doing product research!

You can grab a Free Sample of My E-Book if you drop you e-mail below!


Jungle Scout UK

Yes! Jungle Scout also works on the UK market: Amazon.co.uk. It will work on all European marketplaces, and also some other major Amazon markets:

  • Amazon.com (US)
  • Amazon.co.uk (UK)
  • Amazon.de (Germany)
  • Amazon.ca (Canada)
  • Amazon.fr (France)
  • Amazon.in (India)
  • Amazon.com.mx (Mexico)
  • Amazon.it (Italy)
  • Amazon.es (Spain)

See below for the Garlic Press niche on Amazon UK:



  • The tool gives me all the required info in 1 clear overview.
  • Very accurate on medium – high volume products.
  • Able to see sales data history.
  • Directly view Amazon fee’s.


  • Not that accurate on low volume products.
  • Only works with Chrome browser.

So yeah, I am a big time user of Jungle Scout and will continue to do so until a more accurate tool comes around.


You have the option to pay per month or per year for the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension. If you know you are serious about selling on Amazon you can save a lot of money by going for the yearly pricing. However, if you not sure about it and just want to try it out, then the monthly pricing is probably best for you.

Monthly: $39 per month.
Yearly: $228 Yearly ($19/mo): $159 per year ($13/mo) = 30% Jungle Scout Discount

jungle scout discount

So yeah if you use the discount link and pay per year you will only pay $13 per month, which is’t that bad.

They also have the bundle discounts where you get:

The Jungle Scout WebApp has a lot more features but most important a huge database to help you with product research. Which I have covered in this review.

If you are just starting out, I’d say this is the best offer: 3 months is the perfect amount of time to do your product research & find a unique niche. With both the Web App & Chrome Extension this should be a piece of cake.

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30% Discount on Jungle Scout


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    1. Depends on your needs, but I’d say the extension is a must for every FBA seller. The WebApp is used for brainstorming and coming up with product idea’s. So if you are having trouble finding new products I would advice the WebApp. But if you already have a couple idea’s and need to verify them, then the extension is sufficient. I go into more depth how I use each one separately in my product research guide as well.

        1. Yeah these days I actually prefer to use the niche hunter above the product database. Reason is that the product database is focussed on 1 product. So sometimes you find 1 product in the database that fits all the requirements, but then when you look at the entire niche you will see all other products are too competitive for example. While with the niche hunter it will focus on the entire niche / first page as a whole, this will give you a more complete view.

    1. Jup, but I heard rumours that they will move to a monthly plan in the future for all new customers.

      Edit: They changed it to a yearly plan now.

  1. Howdy. Appreciate the info in your blog and in the interest of sharing I wanted to provide some insight on scouting apps. I have been in the FBA game about as long and had used scouting apps in the past. Scouting apps use the same data from an API that Amazon provides them and use “bucket” pricing, they give you a sampling of 20 or so prices on the product page. It provides just enough data as for you to make an educated guess about the product. There are some scouting apps that page scrape all their data which can give you better insight but Amazon is not a fan of this practice and can be argued is against their terms of service.

    My biggest issue with scouting apps is I was finding huge discrepancies when I was sourcing and the only way to be sure on competitive pricing was to look up the ASIN on amazon itself… and at that point, what’s the point of the scouting app? I believe I was using AMZ Scout at the time and when I pointed this out to them they told me that people on facebook love their app so I should too. Anyway, hope that helps someone out there.

  2. Is the $20 discount still valid? I’m looking to buy the Extension Lite but can’t seem to get it to apply.

    1. They changed it. $20 discount is no longer available. It’s now 20% on the 1 year Chrome Extension Pro. They are not giving out discount on the lite version anymore.

  3. Hello, I’m looking to purchase Chrome Extension Pro using your link, for the discounted $179 annual price. Do you have a different link or coupon code that will work? (The link currently goes to generic Jungle Scout “Black Friday” deals for the Jungle Scout web app, but not for the Chrome Extension Pro without the Jungle Scout web app). Thanks for your help with this!

    1. Hi,

      I have not. I think they have redirected all their discount pages to their black friday deal page. So right now it is only possible to get the black friday deal. However, I think today is the last day for the black friday deal, so if you check the link tomorrow it should show you the default discount page 🙂

    2. Hi mate,

      Just spoke with Jungle Scout:

      “You are correct, the deal redirects to Black Friday. But on Dec 10th it will return to the previous offer 🙂 The $179 starter bundle is essentially the affiliate offer with an added bonus of the ebook though!”

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