5 Jungle Scout Alternatives ( Free & Paid )

Jungle Scout is a great tool to do your market research & find new products to sell on Amazon. However, it is always good to have alternatives so you can compare Jungle Scout versus some of their competitors.

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension Alternatives

  1. Helium 10 > COUPON <
  2. AMZ Scout
  3. Viral Launch
  4. ASINspector
  5. Unicorn Smasher

Let’s start with alternatives for the JS Chrome Extension. The extension is used to directly pull up sales estimates when you are browsing Amazon.

There is even a Free Jungle Scout alternative on the list! If you don’t want to spend money on a Chrome Extension you can also join my Monthly Jungle Scout Giveaway.

I will judge each Jungle Scout alternative on 3 points:

This is the most important aspect of a product research tool. How accurate are the sales estimates? I will be using 1 of my own products to test this.

Speaks for itself.

Free Trial
I advise everybody to test out all the tools that have a free trial. This way you can test them out yourself and pick the one you like the most.

Jungle Scout Comparison Chart

ToolPriceFree TrialAccuracy
Helium 10$17 monthlyYes, 1000 free uses96%
Jungle Scout$97 per year (Lite Version)
$197 pear yr (Pro Version)
14-day refund policy95%
AMZScout$44,99 per month.
$149 per year.
$399 lifetime.
Yes, 15 free uses87%
Viral Launch$49 per month for Chrome Extension + WebAppYes92%
ASINSpector$97 Standard Version
$147 Pro Version
30-refund policy84%
Unicorn SmasherFreeFree65%

1). Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout

I have written a longer review about Helium 10 here.


Actual sales: 405
Jungle Scout estimate: 385
Helium 10 estimate: 389
Jungle Scout Accuracy: 95%
Helium 10 Accuracy: 96%

I was quite amazed to find out the Helium 10 is more accurate than Jungle Scout! Both tools underestimate a little bit, but I am fine with that as I rather have a tool underestimate than overestimate. IMO Helium 10 is the best Jungle Scout Alternative.


$17 per month for the extension. Helium 10 has a bunch of other useful features as well. But if you are just looking to get: Xray ( the Chrome extension ) that the price will be $17 monthly.

Helium 10 Free Trial?

YES! Helium 10’s Chrome Extensions has 1000 requests you can make in the free plan. This is great if you want to try out the tool.


Enter GARLIC50 to get 50% Discount on your first month of Helium 10. This Helium 10 discount code works for A La Carte, Platinum & Diamond Plan.

More Less
Doesn't expire

  Try Out Helium 10

2). AMZScout vs Jungle Scout

AMZScout vs Jungle Scout Alternative chrome extension


Actual sales: 405
Jungle Scout estimate: 385
AMZScout estimate: 457
Jungle Scout Accuracy: 95%
AMZScout Accuracy: 87%

As you can see from the test AMZScout has an accuracy of 87%. This is not that big of a difference. However, what’s dangerous about this is that AMZScout overestimates! Meaning that if you use this tool to estimate how many sales your potential product make, you might find out that it will sell about 13% less than expected!


Monthly fee: $44,99
Yearly fee: $149
Lifetime fee: $399

If you are looking to find your first product, then getting 1 month of AMZscout for $44,99 might be your best bet. It is the cheapest option & very accurate. I think if you are willing to put in the work you will have enough time to find your first product in 1 month.

AMZScout Free Trial?

YES! AMZScout has 15 free uses. No credit card required. This is not a lot so make sure to use them wisely. However, it will give you a good feel of all the features this tool has.

Click Here to try out AMZScout


Need Help with Product Research?

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3). Viral Launch vs Jungle Scout

Viral Launch Chrome Extension

I love that you are able to fully customize the Viral Launch Chrome Extension. You can add, remove & move each column as you please!


Actual sales: 405
Jungle Scout estimate: 385
Viral Launch estimate: 437
Jungle Scout Accuracy: 95%
Viral Launch Accuracy: 92%

Viral Launch Free Trial

Yes, if you sign up for Viral Launch you get a couple of free searches!


The pricing is a bit difference with Viral Launch as you can only get the Chrome Extension if you get the Product Database / Webapp.

Viral Launch: $49 per month: For both the Chrome Extensions & Product Database.
Jungle Scout: $40 per month for WebApp + $97 one-time fee for the Chrome Extension.

   Try Out Viral Launch

4). ASINspector vs Jungle Scout

asinspector vs jungle scout alternative chrome extension tool


Actual sales: 405
Jungle Scout estimate: 385
ASINspector estimate: 342
Jungle Scout Accuracy: 95%
ASINspector Accuracy: 84%

As you can see from the test, both tools underestimate quite a bit. However, there is a pretty big difference as Jungle Scout has a 95% accuracy while ASINspector has 84% accuracy. This doesn’t make it great Jungle Scout Alternative.


Standard version: $97
Pro Version: $147

ASINInspector is one of the only tools that is not charging a monthly/yearly fee. But just a one-time fee to buy & own the tool!

ASINspector Free Trial?

ASINspector does not officially offer a free trial. However, it does have a 30-day refund policy. Meaning you can still try out the product 30 days for free!

  Try Out ASINspector

5). Unicorn Smasher vs Jungle Scout

Unicornsmasher vs jungle scout alternative

This is the only free Jungle Scout alternative on this list. However, that’s probably the only positive thing I have to say about the extension. It is not accurate at all and has very few features.


Actual sales: 405
Jungle Scout estimate: 385
Unicorn Smasher estimate: 668
Jungle Scout Accuracy: 95%
Unicorn Smasher Accuracy: 65%

This is the biggest problem I have with this tool. As you can see it is not very accurate and it overestimates. So I would not base my product research decision if the cool can overestimate the sales by 65%



  Try Out Unicorn Smasher

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  1. i don’t think UnicornSmasher is free anymore. Also I was told the JungleScout Chrome Extension is no longer a 1 time free.

    1. I was able to install Unicornsmasher for free and take that screenshot, so pretty sure it is still free. And according to the website Jungle Scout Chrome extension is still a one-time fee.

      Edit: Jungle Scout is no longer a one-time fee, they changed it to a subscription model.

    1. Thanks for the update! Looks like most programs are now switching to a recurring fee. Jungle Scout is now also $97 per year instead for life.

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