How to Find Your First Product to Sell on Amazon

Hi guys!

I have been getting a lot of emails from people who are struggling to find their first product to sell on Amazon!

So this whole post is dedicated to just that!

How to Find Your First Amazon Product to Sell!


  • A product research tool. I use Jungle Scout but there are plenty of other options available as well.
  • Minimum $1,000 starting capital.
  • Willing to put in the work! This isn’t some get rich overnight scheme. You will actually have to put in the hours to make this work.

Product Criteria

  • Sales price: + $15
  • Profit margin: + 30% (Use your product research tool for this!)
  • Minimum monthly revenue: $3,000 (Use your product research tool for this!)
  • Low competition
  • Easy to manufacture
  • Not seasonal

More information and a detailed guide about these criteria can be found here.

Where to start looking for products?

Look around the house / product you use daily!

One of the easiest way to get started with your product research is to just look at the product you use on a daily basis and go over the product criteria for them.

  • For how much did I buy this product?
  • What is the competition like on Amazon for this product?
  • How much revenue is this in this market (Use your product research tool for this!)?
  • What is the profit margin like?

Amazon Best Seller Lists

You can also start scrolling through Amazon Best Selling products. This will give you a great idea whats currently popular. I would highly recommend to dig deep in the sub categories if you are planning to use this method.

So for example, don’t both for product in the main: Toy category. As there will be way to much competition in this main category. However, if you go down to the subcategories, like:

Toys -> Building Toys -> Toy Stacking Block Sets.

You are way more likely to find smaller niche in this subcategory where there will be less competition.

Amazon Product Databases

Honestly the best method is to use an existing Amazon product database. These databases already have scraped all available products on Amazon. And you can easily filter and search with our own product criteria

This is Jungle Scout product Database. As you can see there are loads of filter & categories you can use:

  • Categories: Based on if a product is easy to manufacture I have selected these categories. You can experiment with this, but I would stay away from the Watches & Electronics categories as there are extremely hard to manufacture!
  • Price: Minumum $15
  • Net: Minimum $10. This is the minimum payout from Amazon, so based on the 33% ratio we want to get paid at least $10. So we can still spend $5 on production & shipping and have at least $5 left over as profit.
  • Revenue: Minimum $3000 per month
  • Reviews: Max 50
  • Rating: Max 4
  • LQS: Max 60. This is great. Jungle Scout has their own formula to judge a listing: Listing Quality Score (LQS). This ranges from 1 ( low ) – 100 ( perfect).

Need more help?

This Tuesday there is a free webinar hosted by Bradley Sutton. He will show you exactly how he finds winning products in his webinar. Make sure to check it out!


More Amazon Product Research Resources


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