How to Find Top Selling Items on Amazon

There are lot of product research tools that can help you find great products to sell on Amazon. However, there is another very easy product research method: Search the Best Seller lists!

Amazon best seller lists can be found here.

How to use the Amazon Best Seller List?

So the process is fairly easy. The list will show use the best selling products. As a seller we want to look through this list and find products that:

A). Have a low review count.

A low review count indicates that the product has just launched and is already very successful. We can jump on this trend and create our own product to capture a part of these sales. We are not interested in competing in a niche that has been around forever, where you can to compete with products with 1,000 of reviews.

B). We can manufacture & sell ourself.

For example, right away I can see that we can skip the #2 best selling toy product. As we will not be able to manufacture a lego product, as this is patented. Even though it has very few reviews.

Time to dig deep!

So as you can imagine you will not find your golden nugget product right away on the first page of the best seller list. You will have to dig deep. Probably even dig into some of these sub categories and browse through the pages until you see a potential product!

Example of sub categories:

Personally I do not use this method as this will simply take way too long to find a great product.

These days there are plenty of tools that can do this work for us, where you can simply search the Amazon product database with a huge list of filters:




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