Helium 10 Review & Coupon ( Better than Jungle Scout? )

As many of you know, Jungle Scout is my main FBA tool. However, there is a new tool on the block: Helium 10. They claim to have loads of functions, so it is time to do an extensive review. And most importantly to answer the question: Is Helium 10 better than Jungle Scout?

Helium 10 Features

Let’s dive into it. Helium 10 has quite a lot of features, so sit tight! I will cover what I believe are the most important features of Helium 10.

Helium 10 Black box ( Product Research )

This is the bread & butter of Helium 10. Just like the Jungle Scout Database, you can enter your criteria and it will a huge amount of results based on your checklist. I advise you to use the checklist that I explained in my product research checklist:

  • Categories: Stay away from categories that are difficult to manufacture, such as Watches & Electronics.
  • Monthly Revenue: Minimum $3000.
  • Price: Minumum $15.
  • Review count: Maximum 50.
  • Rating: Maximum 4.

Just like the Jungle Scout Web App, it will output products based on these requirements. Like the one below: Women Back Posture Corrector.

This is a great example of a potential product to sell on Amazon. $4000 in revenue with only 13 reviews. And the product has an average review rate of 4, so there is room for improvement! I am not saying you should straight away go for this product. You should first check out the entire niche. For this we use the next function of Helium 10: Xray Chrome Extension.

Helium 10 Chrome Extension: Xray ( Product Research )

The Chrome Extension of Helium 10. You can open this extension when you are on Amazon and it will show you all the information you need in one overview.

  • Estimated sales
  • Estimated revenue
  • Sales Trends
  • Review count
  • Review rating

Let’s take a look at the product we found with the Black Box tool: Woman Back Posture Corrector.

As you can see in the extension there are quite a few products on the first page with less than 100 reviews. So the competition is low. The average revenue per product on the first page is $33,000! So there is a huge demand for this product! High demand, low competition. Looks like a great product!

Helium 10 vs Jungle Scout

This tool can be compared to the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension. Of course, the most important thing with such a feature is to make sure it is accurate. So I decided to do a little accuracy test. I picked 2 of my own products and I compared the actual sales data VS Helium 10’s Xray estimation & Jungle Scout Chrome Extensions estimation.

 Actual SalesHelium 10 EstimateJungle Scout Estimate
Product 1405342385
Product 11088791

Both tools seem to underestimate the sales. I would rather have that a tool underestimates the sales, instead of overestimating them. However, as you can see in the test, Jungle Scout is more accurate than Helium 10.

Helium 10 Magnet ( Keyword Research )

This is their keyword research tool. You enter a seed keyword, and Magnet will spit out a huge list of long tail keywords.

Let’s continue with the product we found during our product research. We enter our main keyword: “back posture corrector” in the keyword tool, and it will output long tail keywords. So now we know that people also use the following search terms when looking for our product: “Posture corrector shoulder brace” & “Back support”. We will use these keywords in our listing to make sure our product will be found in the search results.

Helium 10 Cerebro ( Keyword Research )

This is one of Helium 10’s unique features, and I think they are currently market leader when it comes to reverse engineering. You enter the ASIN of a competitor and Cerebro will spit out all the keywords for which this ASIN is ranking & the search volume for the keywords. Of course, this is a great way to find keywords that you might not come up yourself.

We enter one of the competitors for our Back Posture Corrector, and the tool extracts even more keywords for us! So now we can expand our keyword list with words I would never though of myself. For example: “back brace kyphosis” & “thoracic kyphosis corrector”.

Helium 10 Misspellinator ( Keyword Research )

I have not seen this feature before, but I am very impressed! You enter your keywords, and this tool will spit out all the common misspellings. We can then use these misspellings at our backend keyword to make sure we show up when people misspell the keyword. A great way for your listing to get more views!

Helium 10 Keyword Tracker

Pretty straight forwarder features, that does exactly what it sounds like. It will track the position your ASIN is ranked for under certain keywords. Nothing fancy, as there are a bunch of other services which offer this as well ( Jungle Scout & Sellics ).

Helium 10 Hijacker Alert

If you have multiple ASIN’s I would say that it is essential to have a Hijacker Alert. These days Hijackers are very common and you want to kick them off as soon as possible. You can manually check for hijackers every day on your listing, but you can imagine how much time this will cost. So yeah, I would rather get an email right away when a hijacker shows up on my listing.

Helium 10 Refund Genie

For any damaged or lost inventory at FBA warehouses, you deserve a reimbursement. However, Amazon will not always give you a reimbursement, especially if you don’t ask for it. Refund Genie will analyze all your transaction & warehouse report. It will check if there is a discrepancy between these report and if you are still owed a reimbursement.


In general, I must say I am very impressed by the wide variety of features they offer. This is definitely an all-in-one tool. The keyword research tools are the best I have used so far and I will definitely use this as my main keyword tool. The product research tools are very similar to Jungle Scout but slightly less accurate.

They are even in the process of launching a profit dashboard. Meaning you will only need Helium 10, instead of 3-5 different tools.

Helium 10 Pricing

First of all, Helium 10 is FREE! The free plan allows you to try out all the features. This can be seen as the trial plan for Helium 10. If you are convinced that Helium 10 is the right fit for you, you can upgrade to the platinum plan for $97/mo or if you a big-time seller you can select the diamond plan for $197/mo. You can also have them make a custom plan if you are only planning to use a couple of the features.

Helium 10 Discount Coupon

I have been given a couple of discount coupons for Helium 10:

GARLIC50 – For 50% discount on your first month.

GARLIC10 –  For 10% on discount the lifetime plan.

Is Helium 10 better than Jungle Scout?

Better? No. Based on my findings I would say the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension is more accurate than Helium 10’s Xray. However, Helium 10 has waaaaay more features than Jungle Scout. Right now I use Jungle Scout Chrome Extension to get the most accurate sales estimate, but I use Helium 10 for all their other functions! Especially the black box, refund genie, hijacker alert & misspelling tool.

Helium 10 Review & Coupon ( Better than Jungle Scout? )
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