Amazon FBA Product Research Excel Spreadsheet Template

When I’m doing Amazon product research I like to compare all my possible niches in 1 spreadsheet! This will give me a clear overview over all the pro’s & con’s per niche.

As you can see from the example products I have added above it is very easy to see that the Watermelon Slicer is a way better product to sell than the Garlic Press. If you are dealing with +10 possible niches this is an absolute must to have!

How to Use My Amazon FBA Spreadsheet

Not sure how all this works?

I have written a full product research guide where I will show you in detail how all this works and how I do my product research. It’s free so check it out!

Ps. These are just example products I have added with some random data. Please don’t start selling Garlic Presses & Watermelon slicers, as these are terrible niches obviously.

I figured this would be very helpful for other AMZ sellers as well so feel free to use my spreadsheet!

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