Advanced Amazon FBA Product Research Tutorial

That is right! I will be releasing my first E-Book! It will be a follow-up on my basic product research tutorial. So if you haven’t already I would first strongly advice you to read my beginner product research guide here. This will cover all the basics and give you a couple of tools/databases that you can use to find new niches. These concepts are very well known, and loads of people are using this method.

However, one of the main disadvantages of using these databases is that everyone is using the same filters ( everyone wants a low competition product with loads of revenue right? ). I have had it happen multiple times that I found a great niche with one of these databases. But by the time I was ready to launch my product (3 months later), loads of other people had also seen this niche in the database and the competition was much higher!

Because of this, I focused on developing new product research strategies! I ended up sticking with 3 methods that helped me find awesome niches every time I used them! I have been using these methods non-stop lately and never run in the problem anymore that I see the competition increasing by the time I am ready to launch!

So if you are having trouble with finding a unique niche, I have 3 unique product research methods. I have never seen anyone else use these methods and I have been using them with great success.

Advanced Product Research Tutorial guide

I have been spending loads of time compiling these 3 methods into my new E-Book! I will show you exactly how to uses my methods and even demonstrate them with live examples!

I will be launching my E-Book for $99 for the first 100 buyers! I think this is a very decent price if you are serious about selling on Amazon. The price will go up after the first 100 buyers!

No Bullshit – Straight to the Point!

I am not here to sell you a $1999 course that will tell you you can become rich overnight! These are the real methods that I use to do my product research. These work very well if you are willing to do the work and put in the time!

Not Satisfied?

If you are already familiar with one of these methods or are not satisfied in any other way, I will simply refund you. No problem.

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I have carefully taken my time to make a 28-page write-up of these methods. I will show you the methods in great detail (including loads of pictures) and show you live examples of great new niches I found with each method.

Bonus First 20 Buyers!

Spots left: 9/20

If you want I can analyse any niche you found with my tutorial. I will give you my personal thoughts on it. And let you know if I think the niche is a GO or NO-GO.

This bonus is only for the first 20 buyers!


  • A sales estimate tool.
    I personally use Jungle Scout as it is the most accurate tool. But you are free to use any sales estimation tool you like. I have a list of 5 Jungle Scout Alternatives ( Free & Paid ) here.
  • Time & dedication.
    I am not going to bullshit and tell you that you can find a great niche with only an hour of work. This is a real business that requires hard work.


If you are a regular reader of this blog you already know that I take a lot of time answer all your questions either in the Q&A section or in the comments. So if you purchase these 3 methods I will support you in finding the right product as well. For the first 20 members, I will personally give my opinion on any niche you would like to me analyse.

Click Here to Download my E-Book

Free Sample?

Not sure if this is the right tutorial for you? I will give you the first 12 pages for free! This way you can get a feel for how detailed I share my knowledge and you can determine if this guide is worth it for you! Leave your e-mail below and I will email you the first 12 pages!

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