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There are plenty of great tools for Amazon sellers, but the Viral Launch Chrome extension is undoubtedly one of the best on the market. Of course, you still need to employ other things like smart marketing tactics. But, having this tool will be of great advantage as it provides you with useful and important insights into your niche on the market.

To make sure you understand this tool and the way it works, we’ll tell you everything there is about it. But, before we head to the Chrome extension, let’s look at the Viral Launch software so that you get a better insight into it.

What Is Viral Launch?

Viral Launch is a software suite with a number of impressive features that provide you with insights into the market to optimize your sales. From Product Discovery to Keyword Research to Competitor Intelligence, and much more, this software provides you with all the data you need to have an advantage over your competitors.

Apart from the built-in features, Viral Launch also has tools that can be used in your browser, like the Market Intelligence Chrome Extension.

Whether you are looking to increase your profit, track your competitors, or create an efficient marketing selling strategy, this tool is the right for you. It’s fully integrated with Amazon, thus allowing you to access plenty of data on the market. No wonder is often seen as a miracle worker in the e-commerce world.

Viral Launch Features

As mentioned above, Viral Launch comes with plenty of remarkable features that help sellers improve their business, increase their sales, increase their profit, and much more. Those features are:

Product Discovery

This tool allows you to search and discover the best-selling products in your niche. It also shows you which niche is most dominant compared and provides you with the essential data of each product shown.

There’s also a Product Discovery Tracker feature that allows you to track the niche data that interests you the most. This will help you understand and evaluate your competition and determine which products are most in demand.

Market Intelligence

This tool is available, both, on the browser-based software and as a Chrome extension. The browser version has plenty of advantages in the way it works because it provides you with the most effective product research there is. On the other hand, the extension follows a hands-on approach, is more versatile, and very easy to use.

Keyword Research

As its name suggests, this tool searches for the best keywords for your products. In that way, it helps rank your products higher on the search engine result page (SERP) and the Amazon search page. And, we all know how important is the product’s visibility as the highest-ranking products have the highest chances of being sold (usually, it’s like that).

Competitor Intelligence

This tool allows sellers to spy on their competitors. It provides them with data on their performance, such as sales, best-selling products, prices, ad rank, etc. It also provides sellers with the strategies their competitors use so that they can also use them.

In this way, it allows sellers to adapt their strategies, products, keywords, and any additional aspect related to their business so that it performs well, possibly even better than your competitors.

Product Launches

This tool offers a number of services related to launching your products, including adding a product, creating a launch, and launch analytics. They all work together to ensure your product listings have a consistent traffic flow. Also, they allow you to create marketing campaigns for each product that reach more audience.

Seller Tools

Apart from the main, above-mentioned tools, Viral Launch also offers the following tools:

  • Listing Builder – Helps sellers build listings with the right keywords.
  • Keyword Manager – Tracks the essential keyword analytics and helps improve products’ rank in the search results.
  • Listing Analyzer – Provides sellers with effective listing improvements to ensure their products rank higher in the search results. It also shows sellers how to increase their profit and boost conversion.
  • Kinetic PPC – helps you manage your PPC campaigns and boost your ROI. It provides you with crucial information to help you create the best sales strategy and increase your profit. It also provides you with ad campaign analysis and product performance across the campaign.
  • Split Testing – allows sellers to test which of their strategies perform better on the market, up to 7 variations of titles, descriptions, images, and prices.

As you can see there are plenty of tools included in this software. Each of them provides sellers with in-depth insights into various aspects of their business to boost their sales. Although they may sound complicated at first sight, they are very easy to use. Apart from the Market Intelligence tool, which is accessed through the Viral Launch Chrome extension, the other tools are accessed from the dashboard.

What is the Viral Launch Chrome Extension?

Viral Launch’s Chrome extension is part of the Viral Launch software we’ve looked at above, comprising the Market Intelligence tool. Although it doesn’t have all the features from the app, it offers a hands-on approach to product research. Hence, it allows sellers to look for highly-rated products on Amazon to find the ones with the greatest potential.

What makes this tool so impressive is that it’s light and very simple to use. All you have to do install it on your browser and start searching for products on Amazon. Once, you find a product you like, click the extension’s icon in the toolbar and after a short analysis, it will display the results about the product you are viewing.

Since the extension is only for product discovery, for more details about the product and using the other features of Viral Launch, you should go to the software. However, keep in mind that which tools you have access to depends on your subscription plan.

Another point that makes it great and useful is that it provides sellers with the most effective product research there is. It gathers all available information about the product from Amazon, thus ensuring you have all the data you need to choose the best product to sell. In this way, it saves plenty of time doing extensive research on products.

Viral Launch Chrome Extension Features

While this extension comprises only one of the many features of the Viral Launch software, it still has a number of features that give you access to valuable product data. These features are presented as tabs in the extension’s window and are easy to access. Now, let’s take a look at each of them.

Basic Data

When you click the extension to analyze a specific product, at the top of the window you will see the keywords used for the product as well as a summary of the most important aspects, including:

  • Estimated Search Volume
  • Product Idea Score
  • Selected Products’ Averages
  • Review Count
  • Review Rating
  • Monthly Sales
  • Product Price

Top Sellers

When you click on this tab, first, you’ll see data presented in Standard View. In this view, you can see up to 30 types of data, some of which are:

  • Track option, which allows you to add the product for tracking
  • Image of the product (optional, you can turn it on or off)
  • Brand name
  • Title of the product
  • Category of the product
  • Best Seller Rank
  • Monthly revenue
  • Price, etc.

If you want more data, you can click the Detailed Statistics button, next to the Standard View button. In this view, you can see plenty of data, including:

  • Top 5 Listings
  • Top 10 Listings
  • Page 1 Listings
  • Giveaways needed daily to rank
  • Estimated monthly sales
  • Reviews needed to sell well

Each listing comes with a number of data, including:

  • Average Sales
  • Average Revenue
  • Average Price
  • Average Review Count
  • Average Review Rating

Market Trends

This feature shows the sales trends of the product, including the following data:

  • Average price over 90 days
  • Best-selling period
  • Rate of review increase
  • Annual sales trend

Beneath this data, you will find:

  • Estimated Sales Trend graph
  • Average Price Trend graph
  • Average Review Count Trend graph

Each graph includes the months and the numerical value of the corresponding aspect they analyze.

VL Analysis

This feature analyses various aspects of the product, including:

  • Product idea score
  • Possible monthly sales
  • Reviews needed to sell well
  • Sales pattern analysis (when the product is best sold)
  • Tips, warnings, and alerts about the product

Cost Calculator

The last tab in the row shows you the cost of the items and the seller’s profit. It also includes a few specifications, such as the weight and the dimensions of the product.

In addition, the profit includes data about:

  • Profit Per Unit
  • Referral Fee
  • Amazon Fees
  • Landed Unit Cost

There is also an Advanced Calculations section, in which you can find information about:

  • Upfront Cost
  • Monthly Expense
  • Monthly Profit
  • Total Profitability
  • Initial Units To Order
  • Promotional Units
  • Units to Reorder
  • Maximum Sales Potential

As you can see, this tool, although simple, provides sellers with a plethora of data about each product they choose to analyze. In that way, it provides them with in-depth Amazon analytics of the product. And, if you find a 5-star product, you’ve found a winner. Namely, this product has the best chance of being sold and have the highest demand. So, add it to your product list and, then, to your store.

Why Use the Viral Launch Chrome Extension?

The Viral Launch Chrome extension may seem too basic at first sight as you only see a few data about the product. However, if you go through the tabs – Top Sellers, Market Trends, and the others – and open the detailed view some of them offer, you will see a thorough analysis of each aspect.

Apart from these benefits, this tool has several others, including:

  • It’s simple to use with an easy-to-understand interface.
  • Works quickly, so you will get the full analysis in a matter of seconds.
  • Provides plenty of data for the product you are viewing.
  • It’s part of highly-organized product research and marketing software.
  • Helps you find profitable products to sell on Amazon.
  • Export all data in apps like Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

How Can Viral Launch Extension Help You?

This simple yet highly effective tool can help you find winning products for your Amazon store. It will provide you with plenty of valuable data, including:

  • Detailed and accurate market statistics to help you make the right decisions and track your competitors.
  • Simplified analysis to make sure you understand all data provided.
  • Suggestions and warnings for each product it analyzes to show you whether or not it’s worth investing in it.
  • How much money you need to invest in a specific product and how much profit it will bring you.
  • Search the global sites of Amazon.
  • Increase the number of reviews your customers leave for your products with an automated review follow-up.
  • Statistics on how many units you need to “sacrifice” for a successful giveaway.

Viral Launch Extension Price

The Viral Launch Marketing Intelligence Chrome extension costs $25/month. However, if you want to access the other features and take advantage of the software, you need to choose one of the following 4 pricing plans:

  • Beginner – $59/month
  • Pro – $99/month
  • Brand Builder – $149/month
  • Kinetic – $199/month

All these prices are for monthly payments. There’s also an option to pay annually, which will give you 2 months free per each plan. And, while it does cost more than some people would expect, it’s totally worth the price since it offers lots of impressive features that will help sellers rank among the best ones on Amazon.

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