Top 6 Amazon FBA Stories on Reddit

As some of you might know, we are starting our own Subreddit: /r/AmazonFBATips. I want to invite everybody who is interested in learning more about FBA, having discussions and helping each other out. I will be there most of the time to answer questions & sharing articles I found useful.

Now that we are talking about Reddit Amazon FBA. Here are my top 6 picks for the best Amazon FBA Reddit Stories.

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1). [GUIDE] A Beginners Guide On How To Get Started Selling With Amazon FBA

If you have 0 experience with e-commerce this guide will be a great way to start. It will cover all the basics when starting on Amazon such as:

  • Creating an Amazon Seller account.
  • Setup your first listing.
  • Ship your first product to FBA.

2). [GUIDE] How To Source From Alibaba From Start to Finish

Alibaba is the main platform when souring products from China. However, it can be quite confusing to use for the first time. To make it even worse, there are also plenty of pitfalls and ways you can get scammed. Luckily this guide will cover everything you need to know when you want to source your products from Alibaba.

3). [GUIDE] Fun With Freight Forwarding

ISF filing, Single Entry Bond, FCL vs LCL, Incoterms, CBM. Oh man, I remember all these confusing terms when I arranged my first freight forwarder. I was so overwhelmed! This guide will explain all these terms and will walk you through the complete process of freight forwarding.

4). [FAIL] $60K / Month Seller Suspended… Now Reinstated. Learn From My Mistakes

There are plenty of success stories from guru’s who claim to make millions with Amazon. However, I think you can learn way more from people who post their fail stories. This reddit thread is from a seller who was doing very well on Amazon and was able to quit his job to fully focus on Amazon FBA. However, he got his account suspended and almost lost it all! Learn from his mistakes to avoid getting your account suspended.

5). Amazon FBA Checklist Manual (Step-by-Step)

This has the be the most complete Checklist for Amazon FBA. It will cover everything like;

  • Product Research
  • Product Sourcing
  • Choosing a Supplier
  • Legal
  • Pricing
  • List an Amazon Product
  • Product Launches
  • Review Automation
  • Super Optimization
  • Setting up a Business
  • Building a Brand
  • Taxes
  • Automation
  • Non-US Sellers

6). [SUCCESS STORY] Happy Thanksgiving! First $1m/Month Ever After 5 Years!

Reddit user BigTimeSales definitely lives up to his name. Last year he make a Reddit thread celebrating his first month he sold more than $1million per month! This is quite the success story on Reddit! Make sure to check out all the comments in this thread, as he takes his time to answer most of the questions.

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