Only FREE Jungle Scout Alternatives

If you are just starting your Amazon business you might want to start with free tools.

Here is a list of all Free Jungle Scout Alternatives

  1. Helium 10: Free account

    Helium 10 2

    You can sign up for a free Helium 10 account, no credit card details required! The downside is that the free account is limited to only a free uses for each tool per day.

    However, this a great way to try out all their tools and figure out for yourself if Helium 10 is worth the investment. If you are ready to upgrade from the free plan to one of their paid membership. Make sure to use a discount coupon!

    Helium 10 Discount

  2. Unicorn smasher: 100% Free 

    Unicorn smasher is a free chrome extension similar to the Jungle Scout Extension.

    However, the major downside to this tool is that it is not very accurate. When comparing Unicorn Smasher to Jungle Scout. We discovered Jungle scout is 95% accurate, while Unicorn Smasher is only 53 accurate in estimate sales numbers.

  3. Jungle Scout Free Sales Estimator Tool

    Jungle Scout Sales Estimator
    Yes, Jungle Scout actually offers a free alternatives to their own tools. You can use their sales estimator 100% for free, unlimited uses. You would have to manually put in the BSR & category per product you would like the sales estimate for. So it’s a lot of extra work, but free 🙂

  4. Google Keyword planner.

    With the Google Keyword Planner you can’t really do product research on a product based level. But you can compare different niches with each other! Let’s say you want to know if the term: Garlic Press is searched more often versus Garlic Mincer. You can check this for free with the Google Keyword planner.

Jungle Scout Alternatives that offer a Free Trial

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