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Due to an incredible average conversion rate of 13%, Amazon is the preferred platform for many entrepreneurs who want to build their e-commerce business. But, with so many stores operating on Amazon, it’s quite difficult to stand out from the crowd.

Fortunately, a well-designed landing page can help you drive traffic and increase your sales. And, the best of all is that you don’t have to design them yourself but use a landing page generator like Landing Cube.

This well-known tool was issued by numerous Amazon sellers, who seem to be very satisfied with the outcome. But, let’s take a look at its features and way of using it before deciding if it’s the right one for you!

Landing Cube: What It Is?

Landing Cube is an easy-to-use and affordable landing page builder that provides you with ready-made, customizable landing pages but also allows you to create your own easily. It’s the perfect tool for beginners because it’s simple and doesn’t cost much.

By providing you with appealing landing pages, this tool allows you to attract more traffic and convert them into customers. In that way, it helps you maximize your profits. And, although it’s not an all-inclusive product, Landing Cube is perfect to start your Amazon business, boost your Google Analytics, and turn your store into a competitor among other sellers.

What makes this tool so great is that the landing pages generated are developed based on your products. Moreover, it not only generates landing pages but also captures emails, reviews, and messenger apps, improves your Amazon product listing, and offers single-use promote codes and unlimited coupons.

Landing Cube Features

Landing Cube comes with a plethora of impressive features which help you do much more than just build a landing page. It allows you to create a contact list with customers’ emails, send promo codes to customers, integrate it with WordPress, market your products via Facebook Messenger, and more. Let’s find out more about them!

Landing Page Builder

Creating landing pages has never been easier! You don’t have to be an expert to create appealing landing pages that will catch users’ attention and turn them into customers. Indeed, using the Builder is very simple because you don’t have to create anything, as all product information is taken directly from Amazon, so you only need to make a few edits to make the landing pages perfect.

If you don’t like the pre-made landing page templates, you can create some yourself. But no, you don’t have to be a web designed to do that! There’s a step-by-step process that makes that very simple.

Landing Page Elements

If you want to create a landing page yourself, keep in mind that there are several elements, including:

  • product images
  • product description
  • videos
  • branding options
  • 5-star reviews
  • FAQs

Landing Cube Templates

If you’re not sure how you’d want your landing page to look like, it’s no problem because Landing Cube comes with several templates you can choose from. They have different layouts:

  • Classic – a proof that classics are everlasting and always in;
  • Bold – uses blue and gold colors;
  • Modern – uses red and orange colors on a white background;
  • Elegant – a futuristic design with purple tones.

Amazon Rebate Landing Pages

This is the latest feature of Landing Cube which allows you to launch and rank your products on Amazon fast. What makes this feature great are its benefits: email list building, Facebook retargeting, building brand awareness, a more stable alternative to Facebook Messenger, and great ranking power in Amazon’s search algorithm.

Moreover, it comes packed with several awesome features, including less than 3 minutes setup time, automated order ID verification, 4 customizable landing page templates, 2-step URL and Search Find Buy generator, daily limit and total rebate limit settings, and strong email provider and analytics integrations.

This feature works the same as the Landing Page Builders creating a landing page for your ads on Facebook, Google, or whatever campaign you have outside Amazon. When the users claim the rebate, they see instructions on how to buy the product and use your promotion. In order to use it, they have to submit their email and enter the order’s ID after completing the purchase.

Email Capture

This feature provides a coupon code to each user who leaves their email address in the designated place (a subscription pop-up window or section). It’s probably one of the most subtle and smartest methods for attracting new customers and turning them into buyers. You get lots of emails you can use to build a mailing list and they get a discount or another special offer.

Why is this important?

Having a mailing list allows you to use email marketing, which is actually one of the best marketing methods ever. While many think that email marketing is dead and unuseful, it’s exactly the opposite. You can use it to send newsletters to your subscribers, notify them about promotions, discounts/sales, and announce product launches. As a matter of fact, email marketing has an ROI of 3,800%, which means you earn $38 for each dollar you spend on this type of marketing. And, having in mind that they’ve signed up, it means they are already interested in your products. Hence, you can use emails to “convince” them to buy whatever product they like.

Email Integration

Speaking of email, there’s a feature that allows you to integrate any email marketing tool you want to use. In this way, it allows you to store your subscribers’ email addresses, making your marketing efforts much simpler.

Coupon Code

As mentioned earlier, every user who subscribes to your mailing list gets a promo code (coupon code). Well, this feature takes care of creating and managing a unique code for every subscriber. So, you don’t have to worry about creating nor sending them to the subscribers. And, if you wonder why coupon codes matter, let me tell you that they increase your Amazon Best Sellers Rank, which is important for your status as an online retailer on Amazon.

Tracking and Retargeting

One way to know how successful your business is is by tracking your conversions. And, that’s exactly what Landing Cube allows you to do. To use this feature, you need to install Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics. Then, this tool does all the work. It tracks all your conversions, sales, emails, Facebook ads, and even IP addresses. With all this data in your pocket, you’ll be able to create new campaigns, manage your traffic, and retarget your audiences. And, if you’re not using any of these two tracking tools, you can use the custom script feature to insert all the tracking codes you need.

Anti-Abuse Settings

In order to protect your business and prevent aggressive use of your codes (coupons), you can limit the daily coupons sent out as well as sending one coupon per email or IP address. Also, you can ask subscribers to confirm their email by sending them a confirmation link. And, you can block some addresses.

WordPress Integration

If you have a WordPress site where you sell your products, apart from Amazon, you can integrate Landing Cube with your site. Hence, all the Landing Cube features (tools) will be available for you to use on WordPress as well as add product landing pages.

Facebook Messenger Bots

Following the fact that messenger marketing has become a big deal, Landing Cube also offers Facebook Messenger Bots you can easily integrate on your website. This feature allows you to communicate with your customers more easily and answer their questions. But, most importantly, you can send them the coupons directly into messages.

You can integrate the Facebook Messenger bot on your site in three ways:

  • Send-to Messenger Landing Page – For this, you need to create a product landing page with Landing Cube and include a Call-To-Action Messenger button. When users click on the button, they either subscribe to your email list or get a promotional code for a product at a discount.
  • Click-to-Messenger Ads – With this, you create a Facebook Ad without a landing page; instead, when users click on it, they are directed to the Messenger bot.
  • Chatbot Follow-up Sequences – With this, you create follow-up sequences to connect with your subscribers. These sequences are the best way to “convince” your subscribers to buy a product(s).


If you have a website apart from your Amazon store where you sell your products, you don’t have to purchase another domain because Landing Cube hosts all your product landing pages.

Countdown Timer

Using a countdown timer on your landing page is a very smart trick to make users feel and urge to buy a product before the offer “disappears”. Believe it or not, this trick works. According to an article published on Psychology Today, limited-time offers make people purchase something because they feel like they’ll miss a great deal if they don’t do that “right now”. So, it’s a great trick to convince users to buy something at that moment.

Using Landing Cube with Amazon

As an Amazon store owner, you’ll be able to easily create landing pages for your products in no time. You don’t need any previous knowledge in design or coding because Landing Cube does all of you. In fact, creating a landing page with this tool requires only 3 minutes.

Here’s how you can do it!

Setting Up a Landing Page for Amazon Product

In order to create a landing page for your Amazon product(s), you need to sign up for a Landing Cube account. Then, follow the step described below.

I. Import Product Details

There’s no need for manual work of copying and pasting the content from your Amazon product page because Landing Cube does that automatically. Instead, you only need to copy and paste the product listing’s URL in the designated field. All the details will be imported in a few seconds.

II. Enter the Promotion Details

In this step, you need to name your promotional campaign, set up the price (the regular price, promotional price, and the discount percentage), and choose the start and end date of the campaign.

III. Customize the Landing Page Design

Landing Cube offers 4 types of templates, so you need to choose one. While you can also create one from scratch, it’s much more time-consuming and difficult.

If you decide to use one of the templates, upon selecting it, customize its elements: the headline, product description, images, video, also “About” section. Also, you can enable the recommended features, such as countdown timer, “coupons remaining” ticker, review section, brand logo, and FAQ.

IV. Set up the Integrations

This refers to all the third-party tools you can integrate with Landing Cube. Those are the email integrations and opt-out form settings, 2-step URLs, Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics, and a follow-up email for asking for reviews.

V. Add the Promo Codes

In the end, you need to upload a file of unique promo codes and customize the URL of your landing page.

VI. Publish the Landing Page

Once everything is set and done, you can simply click the Publish button to publish your product’s landing page.

As you can see this process is very simple and requires a few minutes. Of course, if you are detail-oriented and want everything to be perfect, it will take a bit more. But, no matter how many minutes you “spend” on setting up your products’ landing pages, it’s easy to do it.

Tips to Create an Amazon Product Landing Page That Converts

  • Create a catchy bold headline – The headline is the part of the site that catches users’ attention. That’s why it must be well-written and appealing to potential customers.
  • Create an offer no one can resist – If you want to sell your product(s), you better create an offer that no one will be able to resists, something that users will want to order ASAP.
  • Take advantage of the countdown timer and the Call-To-Action button – As mentioned previously, when users see a great offer that ends in a short period of time, they tend to purchase it right away as not to lose it. So, make sure you put a countdown timer on your landing page that shows less than 12 hours left. When it comes to the CTA button, make sure it stands out from the rest of the landing page and is clear, stating something like “Buy now”.
  • Include customer reviews on your landing page – Display the reviews customers have left on your products to convince future customers to buy them.
  • Edit the product description – It needs to be short and clear so users don’t get confused or overloaded with information.
  • Enable tracking – Use Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, or the custom script feature Landing Cube offers to track conversions, understand your target audience, and their data to retarget the audience if needed.

Landing Cube Pricing

Landing Cube offers 3 pricing plans:

  • Beginner – $49/month billed monthly; $29/month billed annually
  • Individual Seller – $79/month billed monthly; $47/month billed annually
  • Business – $199/month billed monthly; $119/month billed annually

Free Trial???

There’s a 21 free trial period during which you can use all the tools included in the plan you’ve chosen without any limitation. You’ll have to provide a credit card for the trial. Although we usually don’t like this, as Landing Cube state on their site, they do this to prevent fraud and avoid interruption of users’ active campaigns.

Landing Cube Discount Coupon

Landing Cube Alternatives

If you’re not sure if Landing Cube is the right landing page builder for you, you can also check out a few other alternatives.

AMZ Promoter

AMZ Promoter is the best-known alternative to Landing Cube and vice versa. They are very similar to the extent that they share all of their features except two. Namely, AMZ Promoter has two additional features: Facebook custom audience integration and Amazon MWS integration.

In terms of the price, there’s a slight difference between these two landing page builders. Namely, AMZ Promoter is a bit more affordable than Landing Cube per monthly subscriptions and a lot cheaper per annual subscriptions.

Discount Coupon Sender

Discount Coupon Sender is a landing page builder and promo code sender tool exclusive for Amazon sellers. It comes packed with a wealth of features, including several types of campaigns, several types of customizable landing page templates, 5 types of URLs’, a fully automated and customizable follow-up review sequence, integration with autoresponders, integration with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics, and more.

When it comes to the price, we must say that it’s a lot cheaper than Landing Cube, with prices starting from $9.99/month and up to $37.99/month for the Premium plan.


ZonPages is, of course, a landing page builder which allows you to create lovely landing pages that drive external traffic to your product listing. Apart from building landing pages, this tool also allows you to send out coupons and discounts to your customers in exchange for their email.

It’s packed with a plethora of features, including landing/giveaway page builder, coupon distribution, email capture, link generator, buyer-seller messaging, promotion creation, inventory protector, email autoresponder, ManyChat integration, and more. In short, compared to Landing Cube ZonPages offers much more features, such as A/B testing.

In terms of pricing, it’s much cheaper than Landing Cube, with prices starting from $19.95/month and up to $99.95$/month.

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