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Keepa is one of the many tools we Amazon sellers can use to run our business. However, is it the best option for you? In this article I will show you exactly the pro’s & con’s of Keepa!

What is Keepa?

Keepa is a tool that provides historical price and sales rank data for Amazon products. Amazon Seller can use this to make do their product research and optimize their strategies.

Here are some common uses of Keepa for Amazon sellers:

  • Price Tracking: Keepa allows sellers to track the pricing history of products over time. Sellers can analyze how the prices of specific items have changed, helping them determine the optimal pricing strategy for their own products.
  • Sales Rank Analysis: Keepa provides information on the sales rank history of products. Sellers use this data to understand the popularity and demand for specific items, helping them make decisions on inventory management and product sourcing.
  • Seasonal Trends: By examining historical data on Keepa, sellers can identify seasonal trends and fluctuations in demand for certain products. This information is crucial for planning inventory levels and marketing strategies.
  • Competitor Analysis: Keepa enables sellers to monitor the pricing and sales rank movements of their competitors. This helps sellers stay competitive by adjusting their pricing or marketing strategies based on the actions of other sellers in the market.
  • Buy Box Monitoring: Keepa allows sellers to track changes in the Buy Box ownership for a particular product. Sellers often strive to win and maintain the Buy Box, as it significantly impacts sales.
  • Alerts and Notifications: Keepa offers alert features that notify sellers when specific criteria are met, such as price drops, sales rank changes, or new sellers entering the market. This helps sellers stay proactive and respond quickly to market dynamics.
  • Historical Data for Decision-Making: Sellers can use Keepa’s historical data to make more informed decisions about which products to sell, when to restock, and how to adjust their pricing strategies based on past performance.
  • Product Research: Keepa is a valuable tool for product research. Sellers can identify products with consistent demand, understand pricing trends, and assess the overall market dynamics for various products or categories.

Keepa Con’s

Competitive Saturation: Since many Amazon sellers use Keepa, popular products might face increased competition as more sellers are aware of their sales performance and pricing history.

Real-Time Data Delay: Keepa’s real-time data may have a slight delay, which means sellers might not get instantaneous updates on price changes or other marketplace dynamics. This delay could impact the speed at which sellers can respond to market shifts.

Subscription Cost: Keepa offers both free and paid subscription plans. The more advanced features and historical data access often require a subscription, which can be a drawback for sellers on a tight budget

Keepa Alternatives

This tool doesn’t not offer a lot of features. Therefore you would either need multiple FBA tools or you could go for an alternative. Such as:

Keepa Subscription Costs

For $19 per month you can use all the features Keepa offers. If you are serious about selling on Amazon this is would be a great example. However, if you are just getting started you can use the features they offer for free.

Keepa Free Trial?

You can use the Keepa browser extension for free. This will show you the price history of each Amazon product.

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