I Stopped Using Jungle Scout & Here is Why!

So I ran a little test on 2 of my products. I pulled up both Jungle Scout & Helium 10 for my products, just to see how accurate these tools actually are. Now here are the results!

Jungle Scout vs Helium 10

Now for the first product. I won’t show my actually product. But its getting around 360 sales per month! Now when I pull up Jungle Scout you can see that they think this product is making around 317 sales per month. Much lower than the actual sales I’m getting. And when I do the same for Helium 10 you can see that Helium 10 is much closer with their estimate

Lets do the same for product #2.
This product is in the Kitchen & Dining niche and getting a lot more sales. Around 860 sales per month. Now Helium 10 calculates that it gets around 887 sales, so slightly over, but pretty close. And Jungle Scout calculates that this product is raking in 780 sales per month, which is just waayyy off.

So this is pretty obvious what is happening here. Helium 10 is just way more accurate. Both tools have a price point of $29. However, Helium 10 is much, much more accurate. This, plus the fact that they just offer way more features and have more utility for Amazon sellers is the reason I made the switch.

Jungle Scout Alternatives

Now there were also some other tools I was considering.

Like Zonbase. This tool is a lot more expensive ( $80 if you want to use all the features, such as the Chrome Extension ). And even then they still have a lot of limits on how much you can use the tool. Which didn’t sound compelling to me at all. To pay so much money every month and then still be limited on how much I can use it.

Not for me. But if you want to try them out, they do offer a 7 day free trial.

The next tool I considered was AMZ scout. They have been around pretty much as long as Jungle Scout so they are pretty reliable. However, they are just also much more expensive then Jungle Scout & Helium 10 at $50 per month. Besides that they only have features for product & keyword research. Which is great, it’s the main reason I use these tools. However, the other tools just offer way more features that will help you run your AMZ business.

Unicorn Smasher
The last alternative is a free one: Unicorn Smasher. Even though it’s free, I wouldn’t recommend it. This tool just wildly inaccurate, to the point it would be just crazy to use this data to make important decisions like product research. If you don’t want to spend a lot or any money. It would suggest to use the free trial for the other tools. They all offer a free 7 day trial. And both Jungle Scout & Helium 10 also have discount codes which I will put below!

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