Is Amazon Banning Follow-up Emails? Request Review Button

So Amazon seem to be changing again! They added a new button to the order page!

You can new request a review directly on the order page. It is still unsure what this button exactly does and what kind of request is done!

I’m cranking out as many of these as I can, since I believe that the effectiveness will rapidly diminish as everyone starts using this button.

Once you click on the button you will see the following:

So this is a big indication that Amazon is moving away from contacting customers via the buyer-seller messaging system. Something that a lot of follow-up tools such as: Feedback Genius & JumpSend are currently using.

Will Amazon remove follow-up emails?

I think it is heading that way. Very interesting times and lots of big changes are coming! Make sure you are always up to date so you can benefit from these changes!

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