How I Went From Working 9-5 to A Full Time Amazon Seller

I have been challenged by my friend Brandon, over at Helium 10 to share my story of how I got started as an Amazon Seller.

7 years ago I was working a standard 9-5 office job. I was bored out of my mind, waiting for the clock to hit 5. It was not challenging, I wasn’t paid very well and it was not rewarding for me.

Quitting my Job to Do Amazon FBA

I found out that just about anyone could start selling their products on Amazon. I immediately started learning as much as I could about this. In the evenings I would read blogs, case studies and tutorials. I watched hours of Youtube content about Amazon FBA.

You really don’t need to buy any courses, as there is so much free info out there.

When I had any questions I would ask them on the Amazon FBA subreddit, as there is a huge community of sellers that are willing to help each other!

I started with a small order of 100 units. Luckily, this was before the Christmas season so my units sold out extremely fast. I was able to quickly place another order for 500 units, quickly ship them by air, and also managed to sell them before Christmas. I have to be honest here, that I was extremely lucky that I started right around Christmas because sales for my niche would double or even triple during this period!

After that, I was able to place an order to fill a sea container. This would generate enough profit for me to quit my job and focus on Amazon FBA!

Can You Do Amazon FBA Full Time?

Income wise? Definitely! I was able to earn enough from my Amazon Business in the first year to quit my day job.

Do you really need to work 40 hours a week to run an Amazon Business? That depends. I am doing private label. Which requires a lot of work to develop & promote the brand. But once it’s up & running it really doesn’t require a whole lot of hours.

This is the biggest thing I love about selling on Amazon! Of course, I am making a lot more money now than when I was working an office job. But the freedom means so much more to me! Actually having the time to spend with my son, while still being financially stable is just absolutely amazing!

However, if you are doing Retail Arbitrage or Wholesale, you would have to constantly search for new products to sell. Which requires a lot more time.

My Biggest Challenges I Have Faced as an Amazon Seller

Selling on From Abroad

I live in Europe, while I sell my products in the US. Which are manufactured in China, lol! This means, that except for the samples, I really don’t see my own products. This meant I had to face a couple of challenges.

The biggest one is that you can’t inspect your goods yourself. I really think this is not a big issue, as I think you should do your inspection while the goods are still in the factory in China. Not when they have been shipped to the US already.

Product Research Fails

In the beginning, I really struggled with picking good a product to sell.

This is definitely the most important step & the main reasons fail at Amazon FBA.

That is the entire reason I named my blog: It’s because of all the hundreds of sellers who fail to do proper product research and decided to start selling in the most saturated market: Garlic Presses. This is now quite the meme within the Amazon FBA community & also my blog name.

Now I would spend at least 2 weeks doing product research. I use both my own Product Research Excel Sheet & software: Helium 10.

If you are thinking about getting into Amazon FBA as well I would highly suggest you start your journey with Helium 10. As they have the best tools to find profitable niches on Amazon!

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