How Accurate Is The Jungle Scout Product Tracker?

When doing product research it is crucial to find out how many products are being sold in the niche you are interested in. You obviously only want to sell in certain niches that have enough demand to make it worthwhile for you.

Luckily we have loads of product research tools that can help us with this. Jungle Scout Product Tracker is used by most sellers because it is the most accurate.

How accurate is the Jungle Scout Product Tracker Really?

How does Jungle Scout Product Tracker get its data?

Amazon BSR Best Seller Rank

So first let me explain how all these product research tools work. Every product on Amazon is assigned Best Seller Rank (BSR).

You can find the BSR under the Product Information tab.

The BSR will tell you how well a product is selling compared to other products in this category. #1 being the best-sold product per category.

This still doesn’t give us any idea how many actual sales a product might be making. But if you know the following:

  • Product A – BSR #20,000 – 1500 monthly sales
  • Product B – BSR #18,000 – 1300 monthly sales.

Then you can estimate very accurately that if you see a product with BSR #19,000 that it is doing between 1300 – 1500 sales per month.

And that is exactly where Jungle Scout comes in! They have thousands of these data points and can give you a very well estimated sales number for each BSR!

So how accurate is it really?

So let’s now put all this theory to the test! I have multiple products in the home & kitchen category. I won’t tell you exactly what I am selling as I am not looking for more copycats. But I can show you the actually sales number per month & the estimated sales by the Jungle Scout Product Tracker:

Real SalesJungle Scout Estimated Sales
Product A858840
Product B430415
Product C6541

As you can see Jungle Scout is very accurate on the products that have high demand. However, on the product that is not selling that well it is not very accurate. I think they simply don’t have enough data points in this BSR range that they can make an accurate estimate.

How do I use the Product Tracker?

So how do we use this tool to our advantage? Well, I personally use the product tracker every time I start my product research. When I think of a certain niche that might be profitable I just enter this niche in the Jungle Scout Product tracker:

In this example, I entered the infamous niche: Garlic Press. I then selected a couple of related products for this niche and I can see directly there is a huge amount of demand for garlic presses.

I would then continue my product research by checking how profitable it is and contacting suppliers. Which I have covered in my manufacturing & purchasing tutorial.

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