Best Amazon FBA Seller Podcasts for Beginners!

Whether you have already launched your Amazon e-commerce business or are preparing to do it, learning about Amazon FBA is essential. There are plenty of free resources available online, like blogs, guides, books, YouTube videos, and even academies. However, not everyone has time to read, watch videos, or enroll in an academy; especially if you’ve already started your business. That’s why business people, like you, listen to Amazon FBA podcasts.

Podcasts are one of the best inventions ever as they can teach us about the things that are important for our job. They are easy to follow and understand and we can listen to them while driving, when you wake up, before you go to bed, while exercising… pretty much whenever you have some free time.

Listening to Amazon FBA podcasts will show you how to become a successful seller, increase your income, and deal with issues. They are hosted by Amazon experts and successful sellers who’ve walked the same thorny road as you are. Therefore, listening to them will teach you what you can do and how to succeed.

There are A LOT of Amazon FBA podcasts available, but they don’t cover the same things. That’s why we’ve chosen the top 10 podcasts that focus on getting more sales and becoming a successful seller.

Top 10 Amazon FBA Podcasts You Don’t Want to Miss

1. Follow the Data from Viral Launch

What does every seller want?

To boost their sales and make more profit, of course!

You can learn about that from Casey Gausses’ “Follow the Data” podcast. He explains to experienced sellers (not novices!) how to maximize the success of their new product launches using data. Moreover, he talks about the failures and successes of past launches and the selling strategies sellers have used for them. He does that using Viral Launch data from tens of thousands of product launches.

Unlike many Amazon FBA podcasts (and most podcasts, in general), Casey doesn’t bring guests that are Amazon experts nor does he tell the audience how to start a business on Amazon. Instead, he provides tips for success based on statistics and how to use them to improve your product launches and business. Plus, he shares personal tips and talks about algorithm changes and the latest news.

2. Seller Sessions from Helium 10

The next podcast comes from Helium 10. The “Seller Sessions” is everything the one above isn’t. It focuses on novices and part-time sellers and teaches them how to become successful. Also, it features Amazon top sellers, marketing experts, and business guests.

Listening to this podcast, you will learn about starting an Amazon business and scaling it. You will also learn about the algorithms and Amazon’s sales figures. And, you will learn about how to be a successful seller from other sellers who have walked your path.

3. AM/PM

The “AM/PM” podcast is all about strategies: marketing, product development, and selling strategies. It also offers tips about selling on Amazon.

Unlike many podcasts, this one is kind of a how-to video that shows you how to succeed on Amazon. There isn’t a specific topic, rather a bit of everything. It’s easy to follow and understand and it’s not as in-depth as other podcasts. In short, it’s perfect for every seller who wants to learn more.

4. FBA Millionaires

You may guess from the title that this podcast is about turning Amazon sellers into millionaires. You guessed it right!

The “FBA Millionaires” podcast helps experienced sellers with an established business to make a seven-figure income. Of course, there’s no guarantee that you will become a millionaire. But, it’s a great guide that can teach you to maximize your profit and even reach $1.000.000. And, it will help you understand better the most intricate systems of Amazon.

5. Private Label Movement

If you are just starting on Amazon, the “Private Label Movement” podcast is the one for you. Easy to follow and interesting, this podcast will teach you about running a successful e-commerce business on Amazon. You will listen to interviews with Amazon sellers who run a successful business. In those interviews, the guests share their best selling strategies and tips. Also, you will hear the latest FBA news and get a positive attitude from inspiring stories.

In short, you can expect A LOT from this podcast. But, what else could you expect when the host is Kevin Rizer, one of the most successful Amazon entrepreneurs. And, if you want to learn a bit more about starting an Amazon business, you can check out his “Private Labelling for Dummies” series.

6. The Full-Time FBA Show Podcast

Hosted by the Smotherman couple, Rebecca and Stephen, this podcast is all about starting an Amazon business. They talk about their difficulties, obstacles, and the things that helped them succeed. Also, they invite guests who have come a long way from their humble beginnings on Amazon. They share their own stories and the strategies that helped them succeed.

As its name suggests, the “Full-Time FBA Show” podcast, is created for novices and part-time sellers who want to make FBA their full-time job. It’s similar to the “FBA Millionaire” podcast but it focuses on realistic goals that sellers who put themselves in the business can achieve. Since it focuses on the beginnings and how to scale your Amazon business, this podcast isn’t suitable for experienced sellers.

7. The Amazing Seller Podcast – now rebranded as Rock Your Brand

When you want to learn about something, you ask an expert. For Amazon sellers, it’s this podcast!

Hosted by Scott Voelker, a photographer who has made quite a lot of money in just 90 days on Amazon, this podcast covers topics every seller is interested in. He explains the issues of selling on Amazon in-depth and talks about a lot of things, from product sourcing to keyword tracking, and everything in between. Also, he invites guest hosts to share their experiences, advise the audience, and answer their questions. So, whether you are a novice or an experienced seller, you will find things that will help you improve your business and move forward.

8. My Wife Quit Her Job

Well, you can surely guess what this podcast is about from its title. It’s about a woman who quit her 9-5 job. What you don’t know is that it’s hosted by her husband and you surely don’t know their story.

Long story short, Steve Chou’s (the host) wife decided to quit her job because she was unhappy at the job and was pregnant. She was determined to start her own business and, fortunately, Steve supported her. That’s how they started their (now successful) Bumblebee Linens Amazon store. It was a great risk quitting a full-time job, but it was worth it.

Fast forward, today, they run a successful online business and Steve has a website with this podcast. He is also the host of one of the most popular conferences for sellers, the Sellers Summit.

So, you can expect a personal, realistic, and honest podcast full of the ups and downs of running an Amazon business. He shares his and his wife’s story, the difficulties they have faced, how they’ve managed to pass them, and lots of advice on how to avoid their mistakes. Also, he provides a lot of tips and hacks and discusses case stories, SEO, analytics, and more. And, he invites guests who share their tips on how to run a successful online business. All of them have built online empires starting from the bottom and going all the way up.

What makes this podcast unique, apart from its personal approach, is that it’s neatly organized by categories. So, you don’t need to manually search for episodes. Also, it’s not exclusive to Amazon, which makes it perfect for, both, Amazon sellers and people who are starting their online business.

All in all, it is the right podcast for everyone who wants to quit their 9-5 job and become a successful e-commerce entrepreneur.

9. The Ask Jordan Podcast

Hosted by the best-selling author, entrepreneur, and award-winning Amazon seller, Jordan Malik, this podcast is full of expert advice and tips on running an Amazon business. What makes this podcast a great choice is that you get answers to all your questions from Jordan himself. Unlike other podcasts where the hosts invite guests to answer listeners’ questions, in this one, the host answers them from his own experience.

Therefore, if you want to learn about real-world questions and issues Amazon sellers face, “Ask Jordan” is the best choice for you.

10. Selling on Azon (James J. Jones)

And, last but not least, we have the “Selling on Azon” podcast hosted by James J. Jones. He is an expert in online marketing with his experience dating back to 1983. While he doesn’t do chit-chat in his podcast, unlike most podcast hosts, he uses every second to provide listeners with valuable information. He talks about marketing strategies that help sellers sell more, informs about FBA strategies, and FBA news.


We’ve chosen these 10 Amazon FBA podcasts based on their popularity number of listeners, and the topics they cover. Of course, there are many other podcasts on the internet you can listen to. Which one you choose, it’s totally up to you, just make sure it covers all things important to you and your business needs. After all, the podcast should help you run your business, get more sales, and make more profit.

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