Top 5 Amazon Fake/Real Review Checker Sites

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Top 5 Amazon Review Checkers

Importance of Customer Reviews

Before we head to the Amazon Review Checker topic, let’s first briefly look at the importance of customer reviews. They are now more important than ever as most shopping is done online, with around $2 trillion spent each year. They have multiple benefits including:

  • Help in comparing similar products
  • Allow potential buyers to get a feel of the product they are interested in.
  • Impact customers’ purchasing decisions – as much as one-third of buyers don’t buy products without positive feedback or not enough reviews.
  • Positive reviews increase sales by 20%.

The marketing company¬†BloomReach found that Amazon product reviews are the most popular and reliable among online shoppers. That’s why they first read them before making a purchase, no matter where they want to buy from.

Importance of Good and Bad Customer Reviews

90% of consumers read customer reviews before checking out a store and 88% of them trust online reviews. With these statistics, it’s no wonder why good and bad reviews have a great impact on your business’ success.

Good reviews reflect the quality of your products, the reliability of your business, and your communication with the customers. Although you can’t please everyone and can’t predict what can happen between shipping out and receiving the product, at least they are truthful and don’t fool future potential customers.

On the other hand, bad reviews hide the truth about a certain product and make false statements about their experience with the product. This, in turn, results in product malfunctioning or falling apart at the first use and people may even get hurt. Imagine you buy an office chair that is “great” according to the reviews. But, after sitting for a few hours of days, you suddenly fall down from it and hurt your arm and back. That’s what fake, bad reviews lead to.

Having fake reviews will not only degrade your reliability in customers’ eyes but will also lead to a drastic reduction in future sales. To prevent this from occurring, the Amazon Review Checker has been put in use.

What Is an Amazon Review Checker?

The Amazon Review Checker is a software that automatically checks the authenticity of customer reviews about a product. It identifies fake reviews on Amazon and alerts you about possible low-quality products found in your store based on the genuine reviews. In this way, it helps you remove the bed products, replace them with products of higher quality, thus helping you maintain your store’s success and continue making money.

Although this tool won’t guarantee the success of your store and a higher satisfaction rate, it will help you maintain good communication with unsatisfied customers. Also, it will ensure your reputation stays untouched.

Why Use an Amazon Review Checker?

Using software that can help you detect fake reviews (positive or negative) will help you maintain your reliability as a brand and foster your communication with your buyers. Even if there are negative reviews from unsatisfied customers, you can provide good customer service, hear their issues, and try to resolve them. Who knows? They may update their review and give you a better rating.

How Does It Work?

Amazon review checkers use an algorithm similar to that of Amazon to identify suspicious activity, such as:

  • A lot of reviews posted in a very short time
  • Reviews from the same account
  • Short reviews in 1-star or 5-star ratings
  • Unverified purchases.

These tools use the following aspects to check if a review is genuine or fake:

  • Are there multiple reviews using similar words to describe a product?
  • Does the bulk reviewer have a review history for other products?
  • Are the reviews exaggerated positively or negatively towards the product?
  • Are there enough details in the review about the product, experience using it, or anything that described the product and its use in more detail?
  • Do the reviews degrade the product or compare it negatively with a competitor’s product?
  • Are the reviews linked to a verified purchase or not?

Amazon review checkers use these aspects in an algorithm to analyze the content of the reviews and determine if they are genuine or fake. If they find a fake review, they notify the seller so that they can dispute these reviews and get them removed. In fact, the checkers can also remove fake reviews.

However, not all checkers are equally reliable or efficient. That’s why you need to be careful about which software you choose. In order to help you find the right review checker, we bring you the top 5 review checkers for Amazon in the following section.

Top 5 Amazon Review Checkers

1. Fakespot

Fakespot is a free analytical tool that identifies, analyzes, and sorts fake product reviews. It’s used on most e-commerce platforms, including Amazon. It works by filtering the products reviews users search for to find out what real users say about a certain product.

How to Use Fakespot?

This tool is very easy to use because all you have to do is go to the Amazon product you want to inspect, copy its link, paste it into the site’s search bar, and click the “Analyze” button. It will take some time for the analysis to complete and once it’s done, the tool will display the results.

Fakespot also has a Chrome extension. To use it, you need to install it on your browser and personalize its settings. Then, go to the Amazon product you want to inspect, open the extension, and click on the “Analyze this page” button. The tool opens a new tab where you get a detailed analysis of the product reviews.


How Does It Work?

Regardless of which way you use, Fakespot will analyze the product reviews looking for repetition in words, phrases, dates as well as for frequency and verified purchases. Apart from checking the reviews, it also checks the reviewer’s account, the date of their creation, the number of reviews left, and many other data related to it.

What makes Fakespot one of the best Amazon review checkers is that it’s incredibly easy to use and performs a detailed analysis of multiple aspects. In that way, it helps sellers with limited but honest reviews to win over the competitors with fake reviews.

Price – FREE

2. ReviewMeta

Here’s another popular and commonly used Amazon review checker. As the company claims, this tool uses a very sophisticated algorithm to detect fake reviews. It works by analyzing all the public reviews available for a specific product from Amazon, eBay, and similar sites to identify the real ones.

How to Use ReviewMeta?

Using ReviewMeta is very convenient and follows the same method as Fakespot. In order to find out the true rating about a product, you simply need to find the product on Amazon, copy its link, paste it into the site’s search bar, and click the “Run Report” button. The analysis takes a few seconds and when it’s done, the tool will display the results.

Below the product’s rating, you will find a Report Card section, where it will state “Pass”, “Warn”, or “Fail” for the overall grade of the site. Under this section, you will find detailed analysis per every aspect investigated, each stating “Pass”, “Warn”, or “Fail”.

As you can guess, “Pass” means that the reviews analyzed are genuine, whereas “Fail” means that they are fake. Moreover, “Warn” means that the reviews are suspicious and may be fake.

ReviewMeta also has a Chrome extension that is incredibly easy to use. You just install it on your browser. When you go to the site and view a product, it automatically shows the grade about the product. When you click on it, it takes you to ReviewMeta’s site where you get all the data about the product reviews’ authenticity.

How Does It Work?

ReviewMeta bases its analysis on several aspects:

  • The style and tone of the language used in the reviews.
  • The number of reviews from unverified purchases.
  • The frequency of reviews.
  • The time the reviews were received after the product has been listed.

In addition, they check the reviewer’s accounts. There are some signs that tell if a review has been paid or not. The algorithm detects this sign and creates a report based on that. Then, the data is analyzed, and the statistical model identifies if there is any suspicious, unusual pattern related to the review.

When the analysis is complete, the tool generates a detailed analysis of all aspects investigated. This analysis is easy to read and understand and gives a deep insight into the truthfulness of the reviews.

Price – FREE

3. AMZ Reviews Tracker

This is one of the first review checkers for Amazon and among the most popular ones on the market. Unlike the previous two, this AMZ Reviews Tracker is a paid checker but it’s worth its price as it comes with numerous impressive services. Some of them are:

  • Keyword rank tracking
  • Sales tracking
  • On-page analyzer
  • Ethical review club, and many more.

You can use it for free for 7 days and after that, you have to pay between $50 and $400 per month to continue using it.

How to Use AMZ Review Tracker?

Using this tool is more complex than the previous two tools. However, it’s still easy to use since it follows pretty much the same method as the above-mentioned tools. Hence, you need to:

  • Copy a product’s link and go to the tool’s website.
  • Click on the “Click here to add a new product” button.
  • Paste the link in the window that opens and click “Add products”.


Then AMZ does everything for you and provides you with detailed data on all the products you inspect.

There’s also a Chrome extension that does everything for you. It manages your Order page, searches through your orders, requests reviews from verified purchases, and reviews all new and in-eligible orders.

How Does It Work?

AMZ Reviews Tracker inspects all the reviews about the specific product to provide you with detailed data about it. Unlike the previous two tools, this one does much more than analyzing the reviews.

There are 11 main features it offers, including:

  • Product promotion – Allows you to offer discounts for your Amazon products on their deals website
  • Rank tracking – Allows you to track your Best Seller Ranking along with keywords related to your product.
  • Email reports – Sends you a daily or weekly email update of product rankings for the keywords you’ve selected.
  • Competitor sales tracking – Provides a very precise estimate of daily and monthly sales for every product you sell.
  • Find new keywords – Provides you with a list of words and phrases for your products.
  • Deepwords – Like the feature above, this one also suggests keywords for your products but also provides an estimated search volume and the category in which the product falls.
  • Negative review alerts – Notifies you about reviews that are less than 5 stars to help you maintain a good rating and immediately contact the unsatisfied buyer to try to resolve the issue.
  • Reviewer hunter – Gathers the reviewers’ email addresses to provide you with a mailing list for effective communication with each of them.
  • Listing hijack alerts – Notifies you when there’s another seller selling on your product listing. They may have bought your product at a discount and resell it as their own. Also, they may sell fake versions of your product on your listing. Or, they sell your product with several sellers on the listing, which causes you to lose the Buy Box.
  • Optimize your listings – Used for checking competitors’ listings for flaws, including target keywords and the criteria for a great product listing.
  • Super URLs – Allows you to create “SUper URL” for your products so that when a customer searches for an item, your product lists as the most relevant for the search.

Price – 4 subscription packages:

  • Basic – $50/month
  • Professional – $100/month
  • God Mode – $200/month
  • Legend – $400/month

4. SellerWit

What puts SellerWit on our list of top 5 review checkers for Amazon is that it’s incredibly easy to use. Mainly this is because it’s a Chrome extension you can easily install on your browser. It reviews product reviews based on the keywords used in them.

How to Use SellerWit?

Using SellerWit is extra easy. You just need to install the extension on Chrome and visit an Amazon product you want to inspect. Then, you need to click on the extension and wait for a few seconds for the app to analyze the product. When it’s done, it displays the results of the analysis as a list, showing, both, the positive and critical reviews and the keywords associated with them. You can also choose whether you want to see only the positive or only the critical reviews.

To see the reviews, you should simply click on any keyword on the list and it will take you to the reviews containing that keyword in a new tab.

How Does It Work?

SellerWit works a bit differently than the previously-mentioned review checkers. Instead of looking for specific words, phrases, style and tone of writing, and repetitive patterns and reviewers, this tool analyzes the reviews based on the keywords used. By default, the app shows you 50 reviews. For the next 50 reviews, you need to manually navigate to them to analyze them.

The reviews are listed by positive and critical and you can choose to view all, only the positive, or only the negative ones.

Price – FREE

5. The Review Index

The last, but no less good, review checker for Amazon is The Review Index. Just like SellerWit, this app is available only as an extension for Chrome or Firefox. Therefore, it’s simple to use and no installation is needed. Also, it’s FREE.

What makes it different from the other checkers on our list is that it mostly aggregates reviews from technical products sold on Amazon.

How to Use The Review Index?

To use this tool, you need to visit the product you want to inspect. Then, just click on the extension icon and it will take you to the app’s website, in a new tab. The analysis is performed within a few seconds. Once it’s complete, you will see a detailed analysis of the product, divided into 4 sections:

  1. Overview – Displays the score.
  2. Review summary – Shows the percentage of positive and negative reviews across several tech aspects, e.g. cables, cords, product reliability, build quality, as well as general aspects such as shipping and price. You can choose to see the positive or the negative reviews only.
  3. Spam – Shows whether or not the product reviews have passed the spam test. This analysis is done based on several signals, including:
    • Review Count Per Reviewer
    • Unverified Review Streak
    • High-Velocity Reviewers
    • Inactive Reviewers
    • Reviewer History Overlap
    • Specifications – Displays the specifications of the product.
  4. Recommendations – Shows recommended products between $0 and $100.


How Does It Work?

The Review Index analyzes the reviews of a specific product by looking at the words used and across various aspects (mentioned above). Upon analyzing a product, it provides a systematically educated guess to identify whether or not the reviews are genuine or fake.

It creates a concise summary or the number of reviews including all the details and reasons why that specific review is fake or authentic.

Price – FREE


Using an Amazon review checker has undoubtedly plenty of benefits for sellers as well as for buyers. It helps sellers build credibility on the market, be seen as reliable by the buyers, remove the fake reviews from the list, and provide customers with truthful reviews about the products they sell.

It also helps them build a good relationship with their customers and act on time if there’s an unsatisfied buyer. Fast reaction ensures the seller works on resolving the issue the buyer has as soon as possible, which can eventually lead to an updated review with more stars by the buyer.

As you can see, there are many review checking apps and software available on the market. However, they differ in the way they work, the aspects they analyze, their ease of use, their features, and their price. Therefore, you need to think well before choosing the best Amazon review checker for you.

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