Is Amazon Banning Follow-up Emails? Request Review Button

So Amazon seem to be changing again! They added a new button to the order page! You can new request a review directly on the order page. It is still…

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Jungle scout discount & review

Jungle Scout Discount & Review [Updated: November 2019]

I have been using Jungle Scout for 4 years now, and use it extensively in my product research. Therefore I feel like I am qualified to write an honest review…

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Zonguru Discount Review (vs Helium 10 & Jungle Scout)

Keyword Tool: Keywords on Fire! I am extremely exciting to show you ZonGuru’s keyword tool. So I figured why not start the review with this awesome feature! ZonGuru’s keyword tool…

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Amazon FBA Q4: Christmas, Black Friday & Cyber Monday! Preparation & Deadlines!

What is up guys! The most exciting time of the year is coming around, Christmas! Especially for us Amazon sellers this is going to be huge. Around 40% of all…

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Best Helium 10 Alternatives

Helium 10 is a great tool do to your Amazon Product Research! However, it always good to keep an eye out for any alternatives to check out if there is…

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2019 FBA Case Study: Part 5 – Inspection & Shipping

Sorry for the long wait guys! I have been holding off writing part 5 of this years case study so I could include as much info as possible! So let’s…

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amazon keyword research tools

3 Best Amazon FBA Keyword Tools

Finding the right keywords for your product is essential in order for customers to find your product! In this post I will rank the best keyword tools for Amazon! Pricing…

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Amazon FBA Product Research Tutorial

Advanced Amazon FBA Product Research Tutorial

That is right! I will be releasing my first E-Book! It will be a follow-up on my basic product research tutorial. So if you haven’t already I would first strongly advice you…

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jungle scout vs Helium 10

Jungle Scout vs Helium 10

Right now there is a battle going on between the 2 titans of product research: Helium 10 & Jungle Scout. Both tools are fighting for the #1 spot as the…

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2019 FBA Case Study: Part 4 – First Payment & Production Start!

In part 3 of the 2019 Case Study, I showed you how I selected the 3 best suppliers. And how I managed to negotiate the price down to $4,70 –…

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